Introduction to Software Architecture

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Dec 8, 2019


Generally architecture is art and science of designing structures so that the designed structure could reduce the cost and complexity and help to build a effective product. In a same way software architecture is the process of designing the structure for building the system such that the system is optimized in terms of security, performance, manageability reducing the financial or other resources.

Practices in software architecture

There are various practices in software architecture. Some of them are as follows:

  • Instead of being built to last, it is built to change

    The changes might occur any time during the software development process due to change in requirement or additional requirement of the client. Since the changes are inevitable in software, it should be created such that the changes could be integrated easily and don’t affect the system.

  • Clear understanding of the needs of the user and domain before design

    It is very necessary to understand the proper needs regarding the domain for which the software is going to be build. Without the proper research or information, the software might fails to provide proper functionality.

  • Using an iterative and incremental approach

    As said earlier, changes are unavoidable in software development process. Hence, the software should be build accepting any changes. It should be also consider that there is always the space for the additional functions in case of necessity such that it don’t affect the other components.

  • Underinvestment is not an option

    Lack of money or any resources during the software development is considered as a not an option.Hence, there should be enough resources for the productive result.

Importance of a good architecture

  • Good software architecture helps to deliver high-quality product at a economic cost
  • It helps to make reuse of code in case of the development turnarounds
  • It helps in optimization of code supporting the incremental and changeable feature

Consideration during software architecture

  • From the perspective of the end user, it includes correct and intuitive behaviour ,reliability, and usability. The software should be user friendly as much as possible, such that user could relate their thoughts with the system

  • From the perspective of the system administrator, it includes intuitive behaviour ,monitoring an administrative tools. The software should be able to display as much as possible information using the proper tools.

  • From the concern of the developer, it includes clear requirement as well as a consistent yet simple designing approach. The software should be portrayed using system design tools such that the developer could understand the requirement and code accordingly.

  • The concern of the project manager, which include schedule, budget, predictability as it relates to tracking the project and the most productive and effective use of the available resources.

Trends to follow in the software architecture

  • Taking advantage of existing market technology

    A software architect should have knowledge regarding the existing market technology and take advantage of it in their projects. Otherwise, it would cost more time and resources recreating the same technology. Software architect need to research and investigate the feasibility of the market technology which can eventually benefit the software development process. They can also use existing design patterns that are already known to be proven for some common challenges.

  • Taking an approach that revolves around user empowerment

    Basically, all the plannings and hard works for software development is for the satisfaction of the end user. Hence, software architecture should be focused on the flexibility, reliability of the user. It should be designed as the way users define how they wish to interact with it, instead of dictating them how they should be using it. Basically, software should be simple which understands the user scenarios avoiding the unnecessary setups and options.

  • Flexible design

    It is one of the key trend to consider flexibility of the system have been the important since the changes can occur during any time. Besides, it helps to improve the maintainability of the system. It should be make by use of loose coupling to reduce the risk such that changes made in one module or element does not effect the other.

  • Direction of future trends

    Predicting the possibility of the future changes correctly in the software architecture will be very helpful. By understanding the future scope, software architect can design software in a way that consists the possibilities which might need to be done with the trends of the time and technology. In the world where the changes is inevitable, planning to keep the strategy when changes occurs is a necessary part of software architecture.