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At Idea Breed, we have a passion for turning ideas into reality. Our world-class team is fluent in  Ruby on RailsPythonNode.jsReactReact NativeiOSFlutterAndroid, and we’re ready to design, build, and train so your product is rock-solid and user-friendly.

About Us

Idea Breed Technology is a software development company based in Nepal(evolving IT Hub; +05:45 UTC); that creates complex business-driven solutions, with a focus on innovation and transparency of actions, guaranteed product delivery, and ongoing evolution.

Main areas of expertise:

  • ✔ Ruby On Rails Consulting
  • ✔ Google Design Sprint for MVP
  • ✔ Digital Signages
  • ✔ Communication Survey and Tower Construction
  • ✔ Microservices & cloud infrastructure
  • ✔ Cross-platform solutions
  • ✔ Native mobile

Over its 7+ years of existence, Idea Breed Technology created and delivered 45+ products, bringing innovation to enterprises and emerging companies around the world. The headquarter of Idea Breed Technology is located in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu.

45+ English-speaking professionals provide regular guaranteed delivery owing to our transparent and sustainable approach.

We make software development easy for our clients, so that they are able to concentrate on the rapid growth of their business.

Some Of Our Attributes

We started business since 2014, from then we never looked back.

  • We are comitted to build awesome software products.
  • Our hiring process is tough, so only briliant get through.
  • We believe in Code readibility, Simplicity and Performance.
  • We understand time to market and time value of money.

Services We Provide

We are dedicated to provide cost-effective quality output in lesser time.
Contact us and lets work on your project.

Ruby On Rails Consulting

We have 6 years of Ruby On Rails development and consulting experiences.

Python Consulting

We have 13 years of Python development and consulting experiences.

Mobile App Development

Our team have developed many Android and iOS applications that are already in App and Play stores.

Coaching Classes | Idea Breed Academy

Idea Breed Academy runs classes on various topic in Computer Science and programming.

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO experts can help your products and business to reach more to the customers via Search Engines.

Product Design

Our Engineering and Design team can give you products with better UI and System Design.

Digital Signages

We sell our product Idea Signage for business like Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Govt Offices, etc.

Survey & Tower Setup

Survey, Installation and Commissioning, dismantle and Swapping of BTS(Base Transceiver Station) for Organizations like Huawei, ZTE as 3rd party provider.

Code Auditing and Optimization

Our experienced cunsultants can review your source-code and point-out problems.

Why choose us?

You'll be working with a tiny, committed group worked to fit the requirements of your venture. Each group takes a single shot at a time to remain focused at the goal. We use instruments like 
ZoomJiraZeplinGithubGitlabAgile,  to convey as often as possible.

We are an organization and a network of enthusiastic, reason drove people. We think problematically to convey innovation to address our customers' hardest difficulties, all while trying to alter the IT business and make positive social change.


We spend most of the time to understand every aspects of the problem the product tries to solve before we write code to implement. Therefore, we communication frequently with you. :)


If you can trust us with your precious ideas, we must be held accountable to make sure features are delivered and solve problems.

Continuous Delivery

We deliver small pieces of the software often so that your product can go to market and take feedback from your customers. It also helps you to understand more about the problem you are attempting to solve.






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Our Portfolio

So far we have completed 45 projects. 46th could be yours. Lets discuss about your project/idea.

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  • Mobile App
  • Web App
  • Signage
  • Hardware

पालिका होटल व्यवस्थापन प्रणाली

सिफारिस प्रणाली

Local Govt. Profile Service

Radio Nepal Station Map

इजाजतपत्र प्रणाली

व्यवसाय दर्ता प्रणाली

Kantipur Logistics Nepal

K & S Beauty Center

Leaf Plus +

Our Nepal for Expedition and Trekking

Sapphire Spa

Intell Adapt


Management Information System (MIS)

LPG Tracking System

Baganaskali Gaupalika

Aabukhaireni Gaupalika

Chandragiri Gaupalika

Gharapjhong Gaupalika

Bhirkot Municipality

Ministry of Home Affairs

Name Institute App

Nisdi Municipality

Sarawal Municipality

Intell Adapt App

Power2Peer App

Birgunj Metro City

Ministry of Water Supply and Sanitation

Dolphin Multipurpose Cooperative Ltd

Kathmandu Upatyeka Khane Pani Ltd

Ministry of Water Supply and Sanitation - Valley Board

Lumbini Finance

Melamchi Water Supply Development Board

Mint Mart


National Information Technology Center

Nepal Sports

Panchkhal Municipality

Sapnako Ghar

Small Towns



Ministry of Water Supply and Sanitation

Armed Police force

Aarogya Foundation (आरोग्य प्रतिस्ठान )


Process We Follow

We don't directly jump into coding; its the last thing we do. We go through a long list of process before hand.


Our development teams and customer/representative sit together to invision the idea or the problem domain.


We do not rush to code rather we follow Google Design Sprint to generate a clickable prototype. This helps clients and us to be on the same page, strengthens our understanding which leads to error free softwares.


Our Software Architects use UML2.0 beforehand to generate comprehensible diagrams like Class Diagram, Use Case Diagrams, etc.


We follow rigorous Agile software development frameworks like Scrum, Kanban, XP as per project need.


We support CPanel, VPS deployment such as AWS-EC2, Linode, etc.


We are eager to solve your problem

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Shishir Pandey

Co-founder | Chairman

Nibesh Kiran Adhikari

Co-founder | CEO

Ashish Poudel


Vikal Shrestha


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions we get via email and Social media.