Projects we have completed since 2014

So far we have completed 34 projects. 35th could be yours. Lets discuss about your project/idea.

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Mustang Tourism

Sifaris Document Templating Engine

Local Govt. Profile Service

Radio Nepal Station Map

Izazat Patra

Kantipur Logistics Nepal

K & S Beauty Center

Leaf Plus +

Our Nepal for Expedition and Trekking

Sapphire Spa

Bhirkot Municipality

Ministry of Home Affairs

Name Institute App

Nisdi Municipality

Sarawal Municipality

Aarogya Foundation (आरोग्य प्रतिस्ठान )

Birgunj Metro City

Ministry of Water Supply and Sanitation

Dolphin Multipurpose Cooperative Ltd

Kathmandu Upatyeka Khane Pani Ltd

Ministry of Water Supply and Sanitation - Valley Board

Lumbini Finance

Melamchi Water Supply Development Board

Mint Mart


National Information Technology Center

Nepal Sports

Panchkhal Municipality

Sapnako Ghar

Small Towns



Ministry of Water Supply and Sanitation

Armed Police force