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ShristinaShristina Nakarmi (Associate Software Engineer) 3 Min. Read Dec 8, 2019

Transcoding is a blanket term that involves other processes such as transcoding, transrating and trans-sizing
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The Turing Machine 

ShristinaShristina Nakarmi (Associate Software Engineer) 3 Min. Read Nov 10, 2019

The Turing machine is an idealized computing device, consisting of a read/write head (or scanner) with a paper tape passing through it. The tape is divided into squares, each square bearing a single symbol (0 or 1, for example). This tape is the machine’s general purpose storage medium, serving both as the vehicle for input and output and as a working memory for storing the results of intermediate steps of the computation.
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Using Arrays In Js 

RojanRojan Sunar (Associate Software Engineer) 5 Min. Read Oct 16, 2019

Arrays are list of objects that can be manipulated in various ways. They can be any type of objects. The elements of an array can accessed through the indexing.
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Destructuring And Spread Operator 

RojanRojan Sunar (Associate Software Engineer) 1 Min. Read Oct 15, 2019

Object Destructuring is one of the features of the javascript which is used to extract the values of the properties and store in the separate variable
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React Features 

SumanSuman Tiwari (Associate Software Engineer) 2 Min. Read Oct 14, 2019

React has been rapidly growing popularity among developers due to its simplified features like JSX, components, virtual DOM etc. So, with these features react can make any beginner understand the concept and learn it easily.
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Singleton Pattern In Ruby 

RomanRoman Khadka (Associate Software Engineer) 2 Min. Read Oct 14, 2019

What is singleton pattern, a singleton class, and how do we realise that in Ruby language.
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High Level Iterators 

RomanRoman Khadka (Associate Software Engineer) 4 Min. Read Oct 14, 2019

Command Query separation and high level iterators that replaces the tradition iteration method.
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React Router 

ShristinaShristina Nakarmi (Associate Software Engineer) 4 Min. Read Oct 13, 2019

React router is a routing library built on top of the react which is used to create the routing in react apps. It keeps your UI in sync with the URL. It has a simple API with powerful features like lazy code loading, dynamic route matching, and location transition handling built right in.
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Controlled And Uncontrolled Components In React 

SuminSumin Parajuli (Associate Software Engineer) 3 Min. Read Oct 4, 2019

Controlled and uncontrolled inputs are the two ways to work with forms in react. This blog simply describes how they are used and how they can benefit us according to the requirements of our forms.
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Using Context Api In React 

KamalKamal Bahadur Shahi (Software Engineer) 2 Min. Read Oct 1, 2019

Makes us easy to understand and implement State Management in React app in simple easy steps.
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